An analysis: National Center for Civil and Human Rights

At the entrance of the building, there are doors that lead to the inside and there are windows to purchase and receive a ticket. Inside the ticket office, the workers have thin microphones to speak to the visitors. As you go inside the building there are metal detectors that a person must go through to proceed with their journey at the museum. The floor is made of wood. In the center of the room there is a picture of a hand on the wall. At the back of the room there is a silver plate that thanks the Coca-cola company for funding the museum. There are stairs on both sides of the room. One is going up to the next floor and one going down to the Martin Luther King Jr. gallery.

There is a pathway called the ROLLS DOWN LIKE WATER: The American Civil Rights Movement. Rolls Down Like Water is all in capital letters while The American Civil Rights Movement only has the first letter of each word capitalized. This pathway has a square entrance.

On the inside it has one wall labeled white and the other wall labeled colored. On The White wall it shows how the life of a white person would have looked like and vice versa for the colored people. As you move more inside the floor changes to carpet.

In the center there are four old television sets stacked on each other giving different speeches from segregationists. The television can change whoever is talking by turning the station selector nob. The tv top is white while the others are reddish brown and brown.

This is what the inside of the Roll Down Like Water sounds like. Listen to the televisions and all of the people speaking. Listen to their conversations.

There is a section named the Jim Crow Laws. Those letters are in all white. There are buttons at the Jim Crow Laws that changes the laws on the state you pressed. The buttons are silver.Further inside there is a Brown V. Board of Education section. On the side of the entrance it tells the story  of how the schools became desegregated. Inside the Brown V. Board of Education section, there are pictures highlighting the key points of the civil rights movement. Further inside, there is a section that says  I AM A MAN. Past that wall there is an area that have tvs that detail Dr. King’s death on April 4, 1968. There are stair going to a higher altitude in the the museum. Ups the stairs it shows a video of Dr. Kings video with a speech in the background. These stairs have glass and silver railings. The sides of the stairs are grey and the other side is white. Up the stairs there is an area that lists the deaths of civil rights activists. There is a section that says civil rights laws. This area leads to the second floor of the entrance of the building.

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