Layout of museums?

Krukar, J. (2014). Walk, Look, Remember: The Influence of the Gallery’s Spatial Layout on Human Memory for an Art Exhibition. Behavioral Sciences, 4(3), 181-201. doi:10.3390/bs4030181


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Krukar argues that a comfortable space does not enhance the memory. A badly designed museum can definitely inhibit that experience. Current data does not determine where the boundaries of a badly designed gallery lies. A badly designed space can shift the potential outcome of a cautiously prepared, curated exhibition into one driven mainly by salience. Put the National Center for Civil and Human Rights into your mind and think how this can affect the visitation there since it is not a diversity of race there.

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  1. Try the 5-sentence structure:

    1) author, author’s credentials, author’s thesis.
    2) description of the kinds of evidence in the article
    3) the purpose of the article (what does it want to change in the world?)
    4) the intended audience (who reads this particular publication?)
    5) who might find the article useful and how?

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