Notes of Week 1

Writing in digital spaces

Domain of One’s own

Scoring instead of grading

Experienced instructor’s/collective coursing

  • Dr. Wharton
  • Jessica Rose
  • Mrs. A

  • Syllabus
  • Project Description
  • Specialized rubrics

Rhetoric- the art of persuasion; style

Rhetorical situation-audience/speaker or writer/message/medium/context

Ethos: appeals to the credibility of speaker

Pathos: appeals to the emotions of the audience

Logos: appeals to sense of logic in the audience

Back end: Where you, the author/administrator, compose

Front end: Where your audience “read” your compositions

Dashboard: The back end of your site

Theme: The user experience of the front end of your site

Affordances: The things the design of the theme/app enables you to do

Contraints: The things the design of the theme/app prevents you from doing

Blog: A collection of compositions on the web

Digital Identity: The persona created by an online presence

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