What racial divisions exist in Atlanta?

Turner, K. (2014, June 02). How Segregated Is Atlanta? This Race Map Reveals The Truth.


Picture By: Universal Pops

Not much is known about her but, Kimberly Turner is an author of many articles and she argues that 8.8 percent of people in Atlanta lived on integrated blocks in a study that was done at the University of Wisconsin. She explains that this percentage jumped about 18 percent when all of metro Atlanta was included.  She includes an interactive map that shows the whole country based on the 2010 census showing the racial distribution and you can zoom in into Atlanta to see the amount of racial distribution. Looking at the map there are more blacks and hispanics in the metro atlanta area while the whites are more spreaded out in tiny chunks. Many other parts of the country have similar results with other races and the question is what is the actual cause of this.

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