An analysis: National Center for Civil and Human Rights

At the entrance of the building, there are doors that lead to the inside and there are windows to purchase and receive a ticket. Inside the ticket office, the workers have thin microphones to speak to the visitors. As you go inside the building there are metal detectors that a person must go through to proceed with their journey at the museum. The floor is made of wood. In the center of the room there is a picture of a hand on the wall. At the back of the room there is a silver plate that thanks the Coca-cola company for funding the museum. There are stairs on both sides of the room. One is going up to the next floor and one going down to the Martin Luther King Jr. gallery.

There is a pathway called the ROLLS DOWN LIKE WATER: The American Civil Rights Movement. Rolls Down Like Water is all in capital letters while The American Civil Rights Movement only has the first letter of each word capitalized. This pathway has a square entrance.

On the inside it has one wall labeled white and the other wall labeled colored. On The White wall it shows how the life of a white person would have looked like and vice versa for the colored people. As you move more inside the floor changes to carpet.

In the center there are four old television sets stacked on each other giving different speeches from segregationists. The television can change whoever is talking by turning the station selector nob. The tv top is white while the others are reddish brown and brown.

This is what the inside of the Roll Down Like Water sounds like. Listen to the televisions and all of the people speaking. Listen to their conversations.

There is a section named the Jim Crow Laws. Those letters are in all white. There are buttons at the Jim Crow Laws that changes the laws on the state you pressed. The buttons are silver.Further inside there is a Brown V. Board of Education section. On the side of the entrance it tells the story  of how the schools became desegregated. Inside the Brown V. Board of Education section, there are pictures highlighting the key points of the civil rights movement. Further inside, there is a section that says  I AM A MAN. Past that wall there is an area that have tvs that detail Dr. King’s death on April 4, 1968. There are stair going to a higher altitude in the the museum. Ups the stairs it shows a video of Dr. Kings video with a speech in the background. These stairs have glass and silver railings. The sides of the stairs are grey and the other side is white. Up the stairs there is an area that lists the deaths of civil rights activists. There is a section that says civil rights laws. This area leads to the second floor of the entrance of the building.

The Dream

Today I visited the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. It was like I time traveled back to the civil rights era of the United States. Today I thought about my journey and as I am walking through centennial park back to my dorm there is one question that irks me. Have we achieved Dr. King’s dream. Well if you look at the world today we are very divided. For example, people resent other’s religions, their sexual orientation and their color. Many of us get struck down by the cops on a daily basis. After the election there was a whole siege of hate that was released towards the minorities. In my opinion, I do not believe that we achieved his dream. There is still so much hate in the world and I want us all to just accept that we all have different opinions and come together hand in hand as a unit. Even I do not agree with every single thing everybody says but I am adult enough to respect their opinions. We need to come together and unite as the human race. Scientifically, there is only the human race and that is the only race of Homo Sapiens. We need to stop thinking that we are so divided because we are one and the same. This trip to the museum was well needed. It opened my eyes and reminded me how we got to this point in the world. People have fought and died for our rights and it is time we take advantage of them. We all need to go out and make a difference in order to make sure their deaths were not in vain. Anyone who is reading this post needs to go out and exercise the rights they have.

Architectural Exclusion Summary

The author describes how the archaeology is designed to keep people of low income from coming to neighborhoods. The idea is that fortunate people want MARTA to grow sound that less fortunate people cannot have access to those neighborhoods. This causes those less fortunate people to not have much opportunity as the fortunate people. Many of these problems deal with race implicitly. Not directly stated but by looking deeper into the matter you can see that it does play a role.

BED Goals

I want to make my built environment description more detailed because there are many more things I can add to it.

I want to be able to make my description as detailed as possible with very minimal words. I want to be concise and not so text heavy because it can make the audience lose interest.

I want to describe everything in the pictures to my best ability so it can be more detailed and organised.

Importance of my background

Recently I changed my background to the picture that you see above. I myself am a very scientific person, and I love science so very much and when I think of research it is usually science related. I want the impression that when my audience checks out my website, that they will see the background and the title as an exploration into research. The background is supposed to deal with astronomy so I want people to think of exploring space and the solar system since there is not a lot we know about space still. Scientists discovered many things about space but there are still unanswered questions and I want my audience to look at my background and my title and be able to say this is a research blog. I am going to go after the answers we do not know that we really want to know. Also this picture looked really beautiful to me as well with all the coloring of the sky and the stars and I was able to make this connection.

What music means to me?

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Music is something that is very influential to me and many other people I know. To me, music is a form of expression. You are able to put all of your feelings into something that people listen to. I remember being a four year old listening to Usher’s U don’t have to call singing and dancing to it. I never thought that a lot of his songs would relate to me and my situations of love and the need of longing. I love music because it is another form of science. Just think of hearing a nice drum beat, you’ll probably start moving and grooving to the beat. Music is also a way for me to relax. After a stressful day I need the time to just have fun and sing along. How come music is such an important factor in our lives? Music is very scientific and since it is science, it needs to be experimented on. Listen to a drum beat and you more than likely will start moving.

My Georgia Aquarium

I went back to the Georgia Aquarium with a friend of mine on February 8, 2017. I could not even go through the whole aquarium because I had to get back for a concert for class, so I had to speed through most of the attractions. I thoroughly enjoyed myself because it was all science. I took as many notes as I could speeding through everything.
Back when the aquarium opened in 2005 I was able to go the next year during my spring break. Going now makes we see how much it changed. Now it the area is a shell ff how I remembered it. The air is still very fishy and heavy with salt water but it look different. There used to be a play area in the front and a petting area where we can touch the stingrays but that is gone. We can touch sea stars, sea urchins, and anemones in the cold water quest but it is not the same and touch an organism that moves freely. The vibes I got when I was younger where so happy and it felt nice being able to explore and such. I also not really like how the cold water quest entrance is on the second floor when it was a lot simpler to stay on the bottom floor. People have to go all around just to be able to the entrance. It is annoying for people that have a limited amount of time.

At the same time it was nice to be able to be there during a time where barely anyone was there causing a huge amount of commotion. When I first went, I hated how I had to wait to see the animals in long lines. It was very annoying and you would get pushed and shoved accidentally by the other people. It just drives a person mad. I also enjoyed having someone with we because it reminded me of when my cousin and were here for the first time we walked off from our parents and just had fun. That was the time in my life where I was so carefree and remembering that allowed me to relax. Also when I was there with my friend it reminded me of how my cousin and I would talk to the animals and asked them to move so we can see something fascinating. When you are younger you get so impatient and it gets boring watching an animal barely move.

Overall, I give this visit a thumbs up. It was not as good as my first time here because I already experienced everything and they changed many things. Some, I liked and some I do not. First time people may have a blast going through and seeing all the attractions and the animals and enjoy seeing the cartoons and the shows.

A different take on the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums. I’ll take you through a more detailed look and dissect as much as I can in the time limit I was given by my friend.

At the time of going on Wednesday February 8, 2016 there was very few people so there was not a huge amount of commotion from individuals. Mostly the sounds of water running.


It was very heavy of the smell of seawater and a very distinct fishy smell. Within the entrance of River Scout attraction, the lights are dim. There was a tank of catfish and Motoro Rays to the left when you first walk inside. There is a tank of amazon fish in the front of the River Scout entrance. Next to the Amazon fish tank, there is a man-made rock formation with water running down it. Past those two tanks there are three fake fish portraits on the wall. As you walk deeper in this attraction, the tank is overhead. There are fake tree trunks and rock formations around you. There is a sea turtle tank to the left with three different species of turtles with little vegetation with the turtles in the tank. Straight ahead is the American Alligator tank. There are two alligators. The alligators are actually albino so instead of green they are white. The alligators did not move much since they are nocturnal. In front of the alligator tank was a handicap reserve mat. It is colored mostly blue with a person in the wheelchair that is colored white and it says reserved at the bottom in white. Past the alligator tank there are three tanks and field guides detailing what type of fish are in each of the tank. It has a picture of each of the fish on the guides. The Piranha tank is straight ahead from the field guide. There is a hole people can go through to see the piranhas from a different angle. Next to the piranha tank is a monitor that shows piranhas eating a small tuna fish.. Past the piranha tank is the eel tank. On the eel tank there are words in bold that says do not tap on acrylic. The eel tank has vegetation within it as well. There is only one eel in the tank. There is an otter tank to the left of the eel tank. It had a handicap reserve mat in front as well. There is a monitor to the right of the tank as well showing us the species of the otter.

On the second floor before the cold water quest entrance, there is a wall of all the organizations that donate along the wall. They have the words in white on the fish attached to the wall. In front of the wall is a guard rail and chairs.

The cold water quest entrance is located on the second floor. The first tank in the cold water quest area is the beluga whale attraction. This tank reaches from below the floor to the roof. There was a handicap reserve mat in front of the beluga whale tank. On the second floor there are monitors that explain the research on the beluga whales. There is a monitor by the beluga whale tank as well. This Monitor shows a video giving facts about the whales. The floor is rocky of some sorts. There are cracks and crevices throughout the floor pattern by the tank down stairs. Upstairs, the floor is carpet.

The tropical diver area has tanks showing the different species of Jellies. As you move on there is a tank featuring a vast amount of species of fish. The floor is tile in this area. There is a reserved handicap mat in front of this tank. This tank curves overhead. Past the tank to the left, there is an entrance way to the tanks of coral. Right in front is Orange cup coral,  next is the angelfish tank. The walls by the tanks are brick. There are big shells in the angelfish tank. Black sand is in the tank with the angelfish. The walls are a shade of blue. There is a dome shaped tank with longsnout seahorses. There are ten seahorses in the tank. The exit of the aquarium is a gift shop.


This photograph taken by Javin Williams 1/30/2017 is of a vending machine down on the first floor of Classroom South at Georgia State University. This is one of the many vending machines in the building. The Machine is colored mostly silver. The patterns and lights indicate an upgrade in technology. There is a Georgia State symbol at the bottom of the machine. Blue lights surround the keypad.There are lights in the machine to indicate that the machine is available for use and to show what items are available for purchase. There is a feature that is new; there is a place for a person to swipe their card if cash is unavailable to them. There is a handle which indicates that a person is supposed to open it to get their purchased item from the machine. The glass is in the shape of a rectangle.