The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Photo Taken By: Malik Sowell

This is a taste of what some parts of the building sound like. People talking and recordings of previous events educating us of the past.


The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is a museum in Atlanta that focuses on the struggles it took to acquire civil rights. Civil rights legend Evelyn Lowry and United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young imagined it. The center officially opened in 2014.

The mission of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is to get everyone to take advantage of their rights and to cherish them. The Center gives the visitors an understanding of how they contribute in the protection of rights. It uses the legacy of Atlanta’s civil rights to promote a movement of human rights worldwide. The center reflects on the past to ignite a spark to change or inspire the future to make the world a better place.

The trip to the Center for Civil and Human Rights is a trip that people need to take to be re-inspired to make a difference in the world today. Many people fought and died for the rights we now have today and the center reminds us all of the struggles we went through to get there as brothers and sisters of the human race. The trip to the museum is something everyone should do.

Layout and Design

The layout of the building is unique. The building is actually 42,000 square feet. The building has three floors, with vast amounts of material to connect the visitor to the civil rights era.

Photo Taken By: Malik Sowell

There would be pictures such that displayed what life would have been for “whites and colored people”. There are a series of pathways that show many laws and activists from that era. There is even a listening area where you can endure the hateful comments the oppressors stated toward the colored people.