Monday’s Let’s Write

Writing that I do on a daily basis are text messages and a journal. These writing are usually done within the comfort of my own room for privacy, or if not my room, whenever I have a chance to send text messages or if there is a moment where I can jot something down. The audience for text messages are myself and whomever I am messaging at the time. The audience for my journal are my closest friends and myself. I enjoy these writings because it gives me a chance to use the fun side of my brain that is covered in dust. Usually I am very analytical, but in these writings it gives me a chance to have fun. I personally do not think my writing is effective but my friends believe it is because of how descriptive I can be when explaining certain details at times. I personally do not think it is effective because of how informal I can get.

The kind of reading I do on a daily basis  are science articles and fanfictions. I usually do these readings at home in my room or my dorm. It gives a relaxing feeling when I am able to do that. I love reading science articles because they give me a chance to learn something new and provide clarity on what I learned in school at the moment. I love reading fanfictions because I love reading how the fans of a particular video game series put their take on how the story should be told. Let’s take The Legend of Zelda for example. Many fans like to put a different spin on the characters and origin stories and that makes it very fun to read. Reading affects my daily life because believe it or not, we read everyday, whether its to find the name of a channel or to read the menu of a restaurant. It is involved in ways we do not even know. I think I am an intermediate reader because there are many words I am not familiar with but I can sometimes use context clues to figure them out and I read quite a bit.

Research is something I do to get more information about a subject I am interested in. Research is more of an investigation in a subject. Research can be for classes, organizations, or for yourself. Many times I research for myself to gain knowledge that is not taught within school. Research done within school are usually for papers or projects that are needed to be completed. I do research all the time when you look at it that way. Most of the time during the school year and many times during the summer when I am relaxing. All I do is type in a topic in google and then I look at the search results. I look at multiple search results to see if they say the same thing or show something similar and that shows me that there is truth. I would say that I am good with research because I have gained great knowledge and I have not gained less than a B on any of my research papers.

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